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  • Select Spectrum identifies FCC spectrum rights, determines suitable licenses for the project and assists in all phases of spectrum acquisition

  • Includes projects for Surveillance, Control And Data Acquisition “SCADA”, Advanced Metering Infrastructure “AMI” and other applications

  • Total bandwidth: Typical target includes licenses between 100 kHz and several MHz

  • Spectrum cost is typically small compared to equipment costs and often provides for lower long term operating costs than unlicensed operation

  • Tower

    Some companies have had great success:

    "By reducing the frequency of outages by 44 percent and the duration of outages by 48 percent compared to the five-year pre-EIMA average, ComEd delivered $560 million in value from improved reliability to our customers in 2016 alone and nearly $2 billion in avoided outage benefit from 2012-2016."

    Source: http://www.comed.com/SiteCollectionDocuments/News/ComEdEconomicImpactReport.pdf




    Critical Infrastructure