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2.5 GHz Spectrum Lease Auction

Select Spectrum holds semi-annual 2.5 GHz Spectrum Lease Auctions in the Spring and Fall.



BA or OA Agreements due Thursday (11/1)

Bidding Starts : Friday (11/2) 9 AM EDT

Bidding Ends: Thursday (11/8) 11 PM EDT


Benefits of Participating in Select Spectrum's Fall 2018 2.5 GHz Spectrum Lease Auction (Sept 27, 2018)


Fall 2018 Spectrum Lease Auction dates:

Due to the success of Select Spectrum’s previous Auctions, Select Spectrum has planned another 2.5GHz Spectrum Lease Auction. There are no fees to sign up for the Auction and Select Spectrum will work on a commission only basis; only collecting a fee in the result of a successful transaction.

Auction agreements and additional information may be downloaded from the links below. After interested parties return the signed agreement, Select Spectrum will provide access to our secure auction site, which provides detailed information about the licenses that are expected to be included in the Auction.

The map below shows the licenses that are potentially available for lease in the upcoming Auction.



To Offer a License
License or Lease Holders who want to offer their spectrum in the Spectrum Lease Auction

Benefits of Including your Educational Institution's EBS License in our Spectrum Lease Auction


To register to bid in the Spectrum Lease Auction Website:
Companies who want to bid in the Spectrum Lease Auction

Step 1) Register for the Select Spectrum Online Bidding System

Step 2) Send in Fall 2018 Bidder Agreement

Step 3) Once you send in a Fall 2018 Bidder Agreement, Select Spectrum will approve your online registration and you may log on to the Auction bidding website.

Spectrum Lease Auction Information and Forms:

2.5 GHz Webinars

Spring 2018 Spectrum Lease Auction Update