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Select Spectrum introduces the brand-new Spectrum Marketplace!

Due to the significant success of the Spectrum Marketplace’s predecessor, the Spectrum Lease Auction, where Select Spectrum has completed well over 220 deals in the 2.5 GHz band, we are pleased to announce the arrival of a brand new and exciting Marketplace platform.  The Spectrum Marketplace will be open year-round providing the ability for parties to obtain spectrum rights when they need them.


There are no fees to sign up for the Spectrum Marketplace and Select Spectrum works on a commission only basis; only collecting a success fee in the result of a completed transaction. 


The map below reflects licenses that are currently featured in the Spectrum Marketplace.



Feature your License in the Spectrum Marketplace
Licensees and Lessees who choose to feature their license in the Spectrum Marketplace are not obligated to proceed with any offer if they do not choose to do so, therefore it is a great no-risk opportunity to determine current market conditions.  Licensees may take advantage of Select Spectrum’s expertise to ensure they are receiving maximum fair market value for their spectrum asset(s).

To Feature your License(s) in the Spectrum Marketplace, Please Complete our Spectrum Marketplace Listing Agreement.


Purchase and/or Lease Spectrum Rights in the Spectrum Marketplace
After parties return the signed agreement below, Select Spectrum will provide access to our secure Marketplace platform which includes but is not limited to detailed information pertaining to the licenses featured.

To Participate in the Spectrum Marketplace as a Buyer or Lessee, Please Complete our Spectrum Marketplace Participation Agreement.


Steps to Gain Access to the Spectrum Marketplace as a Buyer/Lessee:

1. Complete and return Spectrum Marketplace Participation Agreement (email to or

2. Register for the Spectrum Marketplace

3. Once Step 1 and 2 are executed, Select Spectrum will grant your organization full access to the Spectrum Marketplace


Spectrum Marketplace Tools

Spectrum Marketplace Bid Form : Form to be completed when submitting bids for lease or purchase of a spectrum license.

Lease Net Present Value Calculator Spreadsheet : Excel worksheet which determines NPV, upfront, monthly, and annual increase amounts for a spectrum lease or purchase.  The worksheet is provided as a tool to assist buyers and/or lessees formulate their offer(s).  A party may plug in the call sign information and adjust the price per MHz-POP and see a resulting monthly payment and/or purchase price.  A Select Spectrum representative can also send you a completed NPV Spreadsheet for any call signs you may be interested in.



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