A LTE Narrowband IoT (LTE NB-IoT) solution in the Upper 700 MHz A Block (LI-7)



The LI-7 project provides a utility in northern Florida with a wireless network to monitor devices. LI-7 allows for reduced capital and operating costs while providing carrier-grade security, increased range, improved propagation for deep indoor coverage and compatibility with the worldwide LTE “cellular” industry supply chain.



      1. Internet of things / Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) / Machine to Machine “M2M”
      2. Direct Meter Communications – AMI
      3. Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)
      4. Asset tracking
      5. Distribution Automation (DA)
      6. Reclosers
      7. Demand Response (DR)
      8. Demand forecasting data collection
      9. Electricity theft identification and prevention
      10. Capacitor banks
      11. Volt VAR (Advanced Voltage Control)
      12. Replace telco leased lines when services are terminated by telco or when prices increase. 
      13. Allow conversion to IP rather than legacy interfaces
      14. Secure communications
      15. Data Analytics & Business Intelligence
      16. Network, Device & Asset Management
      17. Vehicle tracking and maintenance
      18. Physical security monitoring           
      19. Telemetry for line and transformer sensors
      20. Poletop and other sensor communications



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