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Select Spectrum was founded in 2010 to help FCC spectrum rights holders obtain maximum value when selling or leasing their licenses and to help companies efficiently acquire spectrum rights. To date, Select Spectrum management has led or supported 196 license transactions for a variety of commercial and educational clients in the 220, 700, 900, 1900, 2500 and 3650 MHz bands. The total MHz POPs in these deals have exceeded 1.5 billion and total dollar amounts involved have exceeded $280 million. The company has served scores of educational and commercial clients throughout the United States.

The company also provides a variety of business and technical consulting services related to FCC spectrum licenses. Select Spectrum has developed and licensed a series of spectrum databases and mapping systems which are utilized by the company's experts to perform complex analyses of various alternatives.

Booth Robert Finch is the president and founder of Select Spectrum. His 30 year career includes executive level technical and corporate development positions with MCI, Ciena and Sprint Nextel where he served as vice president, spectrum development. Bob's department was responsible for aggregating 100 MHz of wireless broadband mobile spectrum rights which Sprint merged into Clearwire in 2008.

Select Spectrum welcomes the opportunity to discuss innovative answers to your organization's spectrum and transaction related questions.


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