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Wireless Spectrum Licenses in the Upper 700 MHz A Block Band Ideal for Utility, Critical Infrastructure, IoT, M2M, and Rail
Applications Available Nearly Nationwide

Critical Infrastructure Network Extension Initiative (CINEI) :
BPC Spectrum and participating radio manufacturers provide a single, no cost , 700 MHz link to participants.

700 MHz Wideband Internet Program (700-WIP)
Limited Time Business Opportunity for Wireless Internet Service Providers

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Technical Aspects – Upper 700 MHz A Block

  • Unencumbered, clear and licensed spectrum
  • Superior range and building penetration
  • Flexible service and technical rules - handheld, mobile or fixed operation
  • TDD or FDD operation allowed
  • Capacity estimate: 4 Mbps per tower site – much more with 4G and 5G techniques
  • NEW IEEE standard approved

Wireless Equipment for this band is made by:

Further 700 MHz Material:

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