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Wireless Spectrum Licenses in the 218-219 MHz Band

Ideal for Utility, Critical Infrastructure, IoT, M2M, and Rail Applications

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Each License:wireless

218-219 MHz licenses can support a broad range of applications including broadcast or two-way; mobile or fixed; data, voice or video. The spectrum is ideal for urban utilities, critical infrastructure networks, Oil & Gas companies, and passenger & freight rail lines.


Current Uses:


The 218-219 MHz spectrum can be used for voice or data in 2-way or broadcast modes, including fixed and mobile services.  Time division duplex “TDD” operation is allowed in the band. 

Equipment for this band is made by:

The band is also compatible with the IEEE wireless standard – 802.16s “GRIDMAN”.


Case Studies

The Southern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) (https://www.digi.com)


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