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Select Spectrum Presents Spring 2018 Spectrum Lease Auction Results

More than 140 licenses received bids totaling over $30 million in 2.5GHz Spectrum Lease Auction.

June 5, 2018

Select Spectrum has completed its analysis of the Bids in its 2018 2.5 GHz Spectrum Lease Auction.  This electronic Auction provided a format for participating eligible bidders to compete to enter into leases to use FCC licensed Educational Broadband Service spectrum capacity.  A limited number of Broadband Radio Service licenses were also available for sale or lease.  In the first round, Bidders submitted 132 bids, totaling over $30 million, to lease or acquire more than 140 spectrum licenses around the U.S.

The majority of the licenses included in the Auction are held by educational institutions.  The Auction brings together educational institutions that do not have the infrastructure or budget to build broadband systems and wireless operators that wish to expand their coverage or to provide customers with higher data speeds by leasing excess capacity on the educators’ channels.  Wireless Internet Service Providers submitted the majority of the bids.  These companies operate networks that deliver broadband services to homes and small businesses – primarily in rural areas where residents would otherwise have difficulty finding high-quality affordable Internet access.  Larger operators also use the same frequencies for mobile broadband networks supporting smartphones and similar devices.

Select Spectrum plans to hold another 2.5GHz Spectrum Lease Auction in the fall of 2018.