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2.5 GHz Spectrum Lease Auction:

Select Spectrum is pleased to announce that 93, 2.5 GHz transactions have been completed as a result of the 2.5 GHz Spectrum Lease Auctions. In the spring 2017 Auction we received many good value bids. The license holders are reviewing the bids, with many license holders negotiating with the Bidders. Due to the success of Select Spectrum’s previous Auctions, Select Spectrum is planning to hold another 2.5GHz Spectrum Lease Auction in the fall of 2017. The Auction will feature over 300 EBS and BRS licenses covering more than 112 million POPs. There are no fees to sign up for the Auction and Select Spectrum will work on a commission only basis; only collecting a fee in the result of a successful transaction. Parties interested in participating in the Auction should complete and submit the relevant agreement to info@selectspectrum.com.

Select Spectrum has also assisted many commercial operators in obtaining 3.65 GHz licenses to be used separately or in conjunction with 2.5 GHz licenses.

The map below shows the licenses that are potentially available for lease in the upcoming fall 2017 Auction.

2.5 map


Spectrum Lease Auction Information and Forms