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Select Spectrum helps find the right spectrum for your business!

Select Spectrum provides a wide range of consulting and transaction advisory services to organizations that hold, or would like to obtain, wireless rights provided by Federal Communications Commission spectrum licenses.

  • For wireless operators
    • Select Spectrum identifies FCC licenses available for purchase or lease and develops tactics to efficiently secure the targeted rights
    • Map available licensesMapping
    • Evaluate spectrum values
    • Contact licensees or lessees to seek deals
    • Negotiate spectrum rights transactions
    • Follow through to assure all rights promptly transfer to client
  • Utilities
    • identifies FCC spectrum rights, determines suitable licenses for the project and assists in all phases of spectrum acquisitionscada
    • Includes projects for Surveillance, Control And Data Acquisition “SCADA”, Advanced Metering Infrastructure “AMI” and other applications
    • Total bandwidth: Typical target includes licenses between 100 kHz and several MHz
    • Spectrum cost is typically small compared to equipment costs and often provides for lower long term operating costs than unlicensed operation


Types of buisness we help