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The WiMAX Forum has been working alongside industry stakeholders, UTC, and the Electric Power Research Institute in finalizing the standards associated with a wireless solution (IEEE 802.16s) targeted at more-than-narrowband speed communications for critical infrastructure industries.

We are delighted to report that this standard is now nearing completion and will deliver a standardized and interoperable solution for utilities and other organizations that have purchased or plan to purchase Upper 700 MHz A Block or other licenses of up to 1.25 MHz of total channel bandwidth.

Major industry equipment manufacturers (including Siemens and General Electric and many others, some of whom are Members of the WiMAX Forum) are potentially interested in aligning their current proprietary offerings to the new Standard.


IEEE 802.16 Working Group: Upcoming Sessions and Teleconferences

IEEE calendar


IEEE 802.16's Session #109
31 May - 1 June 2017 at the Electric Power Research Institute in Palo Alto, CA.


March 2017 IEEE 802 Plenary Session

Vancouver, BC Canada March 12-17, 2017


IEEE 802.16's Session #108 took place on 14-16 March 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver in Vancouver, BC, Canada in conjunction with an IEEE 802 LMSC Plenary Session and co-located with sessions of the other IEEE 802 Working Groups.

IEEE 802.16 Session #108




IEEE 802.16 Published Standards and Drafts