Educators and Broadband Providers for American Rural Communities “EBPARC”

EBPARC Webinar – October 19th, 2017

James Bridges of Select Spectrum hosted a webinar on October 19, 2017 to discuss EBPARC with educational institutions and commercial operators in unlicensed areas.

Topics covered during the webinar include:



More than one-half of the U.S. has been left uncovered by EBS licenses. Existing EBS licenses do cover the majority of the U.S. population and provide a foundation for a wide array of educational, business and consumer use, but the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) which oversees these licenses, has left most rural areas uncovered.  The FCC closed its “window” for accepting EBS applications in 1995, the same year that Amazon was launched and well before Google appeared.  In June 2014, three leading organizations representing schools, colleges, universities and educational nonprofit organizations and one organization representing commercial wireless operators submitted a Consensus Proposal to the FCC recommending a process to license remaining uncovered areas also known as White Space.  To date, the FCC has neither approved the solution nor sought additional options by seeking public comments through a process called a further notice of proposed rulemaking or “FNPRM”.


This map shows areas with and without licenses. Each green shape represents the coverage area of an existing EBS license which presently covers up to a 35-mile radius. The Consensus Proposal recommends that EBS channels be licensed by counties. If adopted, existing licenses would automatically expand to county borders as shown in the areas shaded purple. Educational institutions could apply for licenses in the counties shown in white, which are not covered by an existing license or possible license expansion.

Proposed Solution:

Select Spectrum believes that contacts from multiple educators will encourage the FCC to act on the proposal to issue more licenses.

Responsibilities of operators that partner with the educational institutions will consist of:

Responsibilities of educational institutions that partner with operators will consist of:



It’s anticipated that the financial cost of this effort will be zero for educational institutions and that the minimal cost for:

Select Spectrum is prepared to donate much time and some money to this effort.  Select Spectrum will not charge anyone for its time organizing and supporting the EBPARC effort.  If and only if 1) schools receive new licenses and 2) a participating broadband provider signs a lease with a participating educational institution, Select Spectrum will collect a lease commencement commission from the commercial operator.  Select Spectrum’s commission will be consistent with our standard rates for leasing existing licenses which equal $6,000 for leases of less than $100,000 in net present value “NPV” and six percent or less for leases of higher NPV.  Please download the standard agreements to see a more detailed explanation of Select Spectrum’s commission calculations.

Additional Information:

Select Spectrum is the founding member of EBPARC. Select Spectrum provides a wide range of consulting and transaction advisory services to organizations that hold, or would like to acquire or lease, wireless spectrum licenses issued by the FCC.  Since 2014, we have increasingly focused on providing transaction-related and web-based services such as spectrum license and lease marketing and managing spectrum auctions. 

Parties that want to Participate in EBPARC:

A number of educational institutions and Indian Tribes have submitted letters to the FCC in support of EBPARC, encouraging the FCC to issue new EBS licenses in previously unlicensed areas. Below are a few examples of letters that have been submitted:

Please download the appropriate template below and follow the instructions in “Steps to File EBPARC Letter with FCC” in order to file the letter with the FCC. We encourage all EBPARC participants to modify the template letter as needed to best convey the message of each individual participant. The odds of the FCC issuing new EBS licenses increases with each letter filed with the FCC. We encourage EBPARC members to share the information and letter templates with other schools, colleges and universities.

Please contact info@selectspectrum.com for additional information.